Work class remotely operated vehicles

The Rochester Cable range of working cables comprises main lift umbilical cables, tether cables (heavy and buoyant), and deck cables designed to deliver robust solutions for ROV operations.


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The Rochester Cable range of work class remotely operated vehicles (WROV) cables consists of main-lift umbilicals, both buoyant and heavy tether cables, and complimentary deck cables designed to deliver robust solutions for ROV operations.​

All three cable types can feature high voltage ratings, high-temperature performance, reduced diameter power conductors with flexible conductors, screened instrumentation twisted pairs, and coaxial or databus cables for data and video transmission. ​

A range of single or multimode Fibers in Steel Tube (FIST) are available, and the cable design can incorporate grounding via copper tapes.​

We also offer a range of 44CD (registered) conductors specifically developed for subsea applications that have enabled us to take thin wall, lightweight technology into ROV Umbilical, tethers, and various ocean research applications to deliver lighter, smaller and higher powered cables to the market.​

Rochester Cable WROV cables

Umbilical cables

Our umbilical cables offer includes custom solutions such as transition cables.

  • Steel armored umbilical cables

  • Synthetic armored umbilical cables

  • Steel-light and electro-light component cables​
  • 44CD thin wall, light weight conductors

Tether cables

We also offer a range of  tether cables available in custom design.

  • Neutrally buoyant tether cables
  • Heavy tether cables

Deck cables

We offer a corresponding deck cable for each ROV system for connecting the LARs with the control cabin.

  • Braids meeting the requirement of IEC 60092-350 

  • Jackets meeting the requirements of DNV specifications

  • Flame retarded to IEC 60332-1 low smoke

  • Zero halogen outer jackets 

  • Offered with or without optics custom outer jacket print identification

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