Are you looking for a cable solution customized to your needs?

If a standardized product doesn't deliver the performance your system requires - we are here for you.

Custom cables meeting your needs

In the highly specialized applications required to operate in the severely harsh environments we service, we understand that "standard" cable designs are not enough.

Our expertise is designing and supplying bespoke, custom cable solutions specific to the applications operating in these harsh environments.

Our dedicated design engineering team are ready to collaborate with our customers to provide the ideal custom-designed cable solution specific to your needs.

From the drawing board to the field

One of our strengths is our technical differentiation with the ability to offer smaller and lighter designs than traditional cables to market by using our light-weight materials science technology, delivering all the performance of thick-walled insulated cable conductors.

The following are some of the solutions and capabilities we can offer when considering your custom cable requirements:


When knowledge is key

Utilizing our bespoke design system that allows reliable predication of characteristics such as cable torque, rotation, and elongation, Rochester Cable is technologically equipped to meet your toughest challenges with custom solutions.

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